Custom Orders

To help make the right didge for you, Bruce needs to know as much as possible about the instrument
you have in mind, and how it will be used.

In what style do you play?

Will the didge be used acoustically, or amplified? Will it be used for busking?

Will the didge be used with other instruments? In what style of music?

Do you have a preferred tone?

Are you a beginner looking for a great didge to learn with, that will still be a great didge when you’re a
great player?

If you wish to place a custom order or discuss placing an order, please fill out the form below including
any information you may think relevant.

Every tree is different, every player is different, every didge is different. Bruce’s great skill in matching the three together is thanks to his knowledge of the didgeridoo, accumulated over 20 years as a professional didgeridoo player and maker at the highest level.


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