All of Bruce’s instruments that I’ve had the pleasure of playing have one characteristic that I cherish and that is a rare find in modern didgeridoo crafting – balance.
The mix of backpressure, elasticity and the relationship between drone and toot are always spot on and his sticks are a pleasure to play be they a bouncy F# or a more mellow Eb.
You can tell that Bruce has lovingly crafted each instrument and really paid attention to the bore’s characteristics to achieve this balance and level of playability.
This is why I have happily been recommending Bruce’s work since I had the pleasure of meeting him some 10 years ago.

Kyle Maplesden

Just got the didge and you can quote me “ FUCKING AWESOME!!!” sorry for the bad language but that was the first thing I could think of to describe it!
This baby is going to be played a lot for sure – Thanks again for you great help in selecting this one for me and the speedy delivery – can’t wait to listen to your CD’s .
A very satisfied customer,

Donald Cassell

Hi and Gday from Germany,
bought No 1621 a few days ago…. Everything they say about your instruments is true.
It’s the best one I ever owned.
Handling, drone all awesome.
It will take me much further in my playing. Just wanted to give you that brief feed back because even the greatest professionals like that, don’t they :-)

Jens Jank

Now, after a week and several hours playing it, I have to say it: You made a dream come true! :-)
I needed some time to learn how to play this didge. to learn the character of the didge. Well, I think
there is much more to explore! It is absolute fabulous.

Lutz Ullrich

Hi Bruce
The didj arrived just before I left for a trip to Seattle. Picked it up from the post office and took it along with me. I’ve been playing it along the way!
It is exactly what I was looking for! A wonderful instrument that will teach me a lot over time, I believe.
Thanks for your intuition regarding what I was after, choice of stick, and beautiful craftsmanship.
Thank you

Rick Ellis

I have two Bruce John Rogers didgeridoos and they are instruments of exceptional quality.
I attended the second workshop in France with Bruce. We made a didgeridoo in a weekend but particularly in “mind” and respect of aboriginal culture, it’s what counts the most. Bruce is a great didgemaker, Thank you :)

Gavu Tribu

passioné de didgeridoo depuis dix ans j’ai la chance d’avoir réalisé un didgeridoo de grande qualitée en compagnie de bruce roger . ce workshop est une experience incontournable pour tout passioné de didgeridoo . c’est sans hésitation que j’ai réservé ma participation au prochain workshop de bruce roger organisé en france par didgeridoo passion bonnes vibrations a tous.

Gilles Graslin

I organized and took part in a didgeridoo crafting workshop – Bruce is not only an excellent craftsman,
but also a very good teacher, relaxed but straight. Every participant was able to craft under his supervision a really good didgeridoo. I´m waiting for him to come back and do more workshops.
I also have two Bruce Rogers Didgeridoos to play on, and they are very fine, singing sticks! As a reseller,
I´m proud to offer to my customers such amazing didgeridoos. Definitely , they are some of the very
best didges I can offer!

Michael Beuckert

I’m the very happy owner of an awesome “BJR” termite-hollowed didgeridoo… that I have made with my own two hands! Bruce’s idea of selecting hollow logs and bringing them with him overseas is just brilliant !!! That’s the only way we can craft ourselves a “real” didgeridoo outside of Australia.
No need to drill the wood nor to split’n’glue it like we do in Europe : our Aussie-termite friends have already done the inside workthe best way possible. As for the outside work, there is nothing mor rewarding to DIY… especially under the expert advice of a Master.
My BJR didgeridoo has a special soul. And a headblowing sound!
Francis Collier

Francis Collier