Tuition & Workshops

Bruce has been teaching didgeridoo since 1990.
An erudite and entertaining speaker, he is well known for his concise teaching methods and has been a feature workshop presenter at numerous music festivals in Australia and overseas.

To learn to play didgeridoo is not difficult at all, in fact it is probably one of the easiest instruments to learn, and a lot of fun. Like anything it takes practice. But as there is no written music or popular ‘songs’ to learn, you are free to improvise once you have learnt the basic techniques. With the right guidance it should only take three to four months to learn to play proficiently.

The circular breathing technique is just that—a technique. It is a co—ordination exercise that with a little practice everybody is able to master. And no, you don’t need to know about music to be a didge player.

Bruce offers:

Develop confidence in tackling new tasks!

Personalised lessons for players of all levels.

Didgeridoo playing workshops.

Bruce has taught and presented the didgeridoo to school groups of all ages,

Make your own didgeridoo!